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5 Tips for working at home

For the first 17 years of my career I got up at 4:30 went to the gym and then headed off to work.  I had to be at the office by 6:30 to be prepared to get my workers out the door with their daily jobs.  I was working in the landscape industry so it was early to be early rise in those days.  The time we had to work was from sun up to sun down and it started all over the next day.  As you can imagine that was a long 17 years and I was pretty exhausted by then.  So, when my Husband Quentin and I decided to pick up everything and move across the country to Michigan, I naturally thought it was a great time to do a major career move! I know right, let’s move to a state where we know no one and start a completely new career with a company based out of the Kansas City area.  Well, as Elenore Roosevelt famously said “Do something that scares you every day”! I took this quote to heart and started in on a journey that would change my life forever.

With this new career came a new freedom of working for myself!  No one to answer to in the morning if I didn’t want to get out of bed and nowhere I had to be just yet.  For the first two weeks, I got up and made Quentin breakfast and packed his lunch.  I had dinner waiting on the table when he got home, I was the ultimate 1960’s housewife.  At least I looked that way on the outside.  Inside I was dying to figure out how working at home fit into my new life. It took me a couple of months to get it all figured out.  Along the way I picked up some helpful tips for myself and I want to share them with you!

  1. Make your home office an office:

This was the first thing I learned in my new work environment.  You need to have a place where work is work and doesn’t mingle with home.  I tried for the first few weeks to work at my kitchen table.  There were constant distractions.  Oh, hey the dishwasher just went off let’s get those dishes put away now and save time to work later.  Then they laundry would be next let’s just throw a load in and work while it is going.   Yep it took me exactly a week before I realized my house was spotless but my business was suffering.  So, I did what every apartment dweller does and went to IKEA grabbed some office desk units and set up our spare room as an office. The only other items in that room besides my office essentials was Quentin’s computer desk for when he worked remote. This was perfect I was set, right?

  1. Dress for the job you want:

So, this one took a while to learn…. The best thing about working for yourself in a home office is you don’t have to get dressed for the office days.  Yes, I did spend the first few months in sweats and a comfy sweatshirt.  It was winter in Michigan and hibernation mode had hit. I found myself coming out of my office for some more tea and plopping down on the couch and grabbing the remote.  What is a few minutes of tv going to hurt? Two, The Price is Right’s later I had not done anything for my business.  Time to get disciplined.  I started getting up doing my morning routine and getting dressed for work even if I didn’t have any networking or client meetings. This made all the difference in the world, I felt better as I worked and was more confidant in my emails and phone calls. It really did make a difference, I even started eating lunch at my desk to get more accomplished in my day.

  1. Make appointments to network and meet people:

One of the first things I noticed about working at home is it was lonely.  There was no one to have office water cooler chats with about last night’s Game of Thrones episode or who had gotten come to work late looking shabby today. Moving up to Michigan and knowing no one while starting a business had made this a bit easier for me.  I had to get out and meet people.  I set a goal for myself the second week I was in town to meet 20 new people a week.  I kept that up over the first year and the weeks I didn’t make my goal I made up for the next week and met more people. Honestly, it really made my move here a lot easier with getting to know so many great people. I also found that I wanted to be involved in the community to not only meet people for my business network but help in my local community as a volunteer.  This was something I never really had time for in my prior career.

  1. Don’t sit all day:

I gained 20 lbs in the first three months after the move.  I realize some of that was stress eating through the move but most was just the lack of daily movement.  You don’t realize that walking around on landscape jobsites will actually help those extra calories melt away.  I became all too aware of the lack of movement in my day when I had sat at my desk and worked on learning the new industry I was in for over 4 hours straight one day only to get up and have some lunch and go back to work at my desk.  I needed some planned exercise.  I started setting an alarm to go off every two hours.  I would get up and walk through the neighborhood for 20-30 mins. This made a huge difference in both my mental faculties as well as my physical wellbeing.

  1. Enjoy the freedom:

There is a freedom that comes both with working for yourself and working at a home office.  If you need to take some time to do a personal errand or just need some time to yourself that is an option.  Enjoy that freedom but don’t take advantage of it.  Being disciplined to work at home is a must if you want to continue your work at home lifestyle! I find myself working at night or on the weekends if I need to.  On the other side of the coin, I have been known to take a few afternoon hours on a Friday to go out to the park or botanical gardens.  It puts my head in the right spot and I often find I can problem solve as I walk.  If you are like me in that way always take a notebook with you! Most of the ideas for this blog popped out last week on a walk at the local orchard!


Working from home can be a blessing and a curse at the same time.  Just take the time to figure out what works for you.  You may even try out a local co-working spot they are popping up all over the place.  Most of all enjoy the journey and learn from yourself along the way.  I learned a lot those first few months and I am still daily figuring out what works for me.  Try everything once, who knows what will come of a good old-fashioned try! — Rachel



Holiday Gift Giving

The past few days here in Kansas City the air has turned towards the coolness of fall nights.  The season of gift giving will soon be upon us.  There are only 110 days until Christmas!

Now is the time to get your end of the year gift giving into place.

Here are just a few reminders of things that come to mind for the end of the year giving.

  • Employee Recognitiongot it online
  • End of the Year Recognition
  • Holidays
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Corporate Gifts

Big or small giving we can do it all.


We have some amazing holiday catalogs we would like to share with you.  Click the links below.

Magnet Group– drink-wear, blankets, journals, mailers, awards

Magnet Group Holiday Catalog

Sweda– tools, bags, gift sets, drink-wear, speakers, watches

Sweda Holiday Catalog

PCNA Holiday– apparel, technology, blankets, gift sets, custom packaging

PCNA Holiday Catalog

How can Davidson Promotional Help?

  • Let us do your shopping.  We are happy to send you presentations with pictures and pricing for you
  • Websites – gift giving can be difficult with picking something everyone will like.  Let us create a website and have people pick out their own gift
  • Low minimums…No problem we can find the perfect item with a low minimum for you
  • Budgets… we do great working with your budget.
  • I have to spend my money by the end of 2017.  We got you covered and can invoice you by the end of 2017.

We are looking forward to helping you finish 2017 in style with wonderful gifting and recognition products.

Give us a call today 913-851-9100








Throwback with a modern twist:

As a young child, we were allowed to watch TV for an hour after school before dinner.  This only happened in the fall and winter when the days were cold and blustery.  In early elementary school, I would come home and watch the iconic Mr Rogers. He came in the door put on his sweater and change into his sneakers.  I always thought that the sweater looked warm and inviting.  This fall and winter when the temps drop and you need some warm comfort check out the equinox knit blazer. From day to night this sweater will give you warmth and comfort with no need to change!

Equinox Knit Blazer: This is a fashion forward look that women will love.  It is made with a washable wool that is easy to care for and it features a shawl collar, tapered waist and a drop back hem.  This blazer can go easily from the office, to out for drinks with friends. This blazer has many options for decoration including shoulder, sleeve and left chest imprints.


As I grew older my tastes in TV changed and on Saturday nights we would watch one of the three available channels.  Yes…you read it right three channels, I was a kid in the 80’s! We would watch Happy Days every Saturday night.  All of the kids in Milwaukee would come into Arnold’s to have a milk shake and would be wearing letter jackets and sweaters with a similar color block style.  What a great casual look for a night on the town. Whether at a tailgate or an ice-cream shop for a malt this sweater will make a great impression.

M-Vorlage Half Zip Knit Jacket: This sporty ½ zip jacket is a great fall addition to a corporate collection. With the color blocking and pull over design it has a casual sweater feel that would be great on the golf course or at a tailgate party. Decorating options include the back yolk, sleeves and chest.


In the fall and winter these days I find myself pulling out some of the film noir classics for my after-work entertainment.   This next piece would be what I would wear when I was channeling my love for old school detectives like Sam Spade, Mike Hammer and Phillip Marlowe. These tough as nails detective showed off their skills and style with a great jacket.  With this Manhattan soft shell, you can grab that modern Bogart look! It will add some visual authority to your wardrobe!

The Manhattan soft shell jacket: This jacket gives a great professional style while giving protection from the elements. It is waterproof with a breathable membrane and roll away hoodie.  The decoration options are back yoke, sleeve and chest. Stylish professional jacket will take you from work to play in a fun and useful way!


Enjoy the seasons! Grab a modern twist on the old classic and go out there and make some of your own memories. Corporate apparel is a great way to get your company name out there.  You can find pieces that your employees will love all fall and winter! Invest in a modern style that will be iconic for years to come.

Make your promotion POP with Custom Packaging

There are so many ways to make your next promotion POP with custom packaging.

Combine the power of promotional products with the high-impact of custom packaging to strengthen your brand recognition.

  • Retail-Look Packaging
  • Low Prices / Low Quantites
  • Product Insertions Included
  • Variable Printing Available
  • 3-D Digital Viewer
  • Browse Products
  • Virtual- we can create some awesome visuals to see
  • Design Services

From a pens to tumblers and everything in between we can create a custom package solution for you.

Here are just a few for you to see.  We would love to help you out with your next promotion and custom packaging.  Give us a call today 913-851-9100.


When people think of company branded clothing, they usually think of corporate polos. But that doesn’t have to be the case. How about something cool and casual that people will actually want to wear outside of work? My absolute favorite brand is Bella + Canvas. They come in a variety of fun colors and they are the softest shirts you will ever touch!

1 – Flowy Scoop Muscle Tank

A version of the muscle tank, this must-have style is designed with exceptionally soft poly-viscose fabrication that softly drapes around curves. The modern elongated armholes and curved bottom hem make it perfect for layering. Offered in a variety of solid and marble colors



2 – Racerback Tank

Go with the flow in this go-to tank, made from our exceptionally soft poly-viscose blend, in a flattering draped silhouette, round neck and racerback. Offered in a variety of solid, marble, neon and striped colors.


3 – Short Sleeve Jersey Tee

This ultimate staple is unisex and super soft. Complete with side seams, shoulder to shoulder taping and a retail fit. Sure to be a crowd pleaser.


If you are interested in hearing more about ways to increase your walking advertisements, call us today! 913-851-9100

Football Promo Items

With super hot temperatures outside right now its hard to believe that football season is just around the corner.  Soon we will be packing all our cold weather gear to cheer on our favorite football team.

Regardless if you are watching kids, high school, college or the NFL I wanted to share my top promotional items for football season and tailgating.

  1. NFL approved bags – the requirements state….Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12.”  With lots of options these make a great gift for clients who you are talking to a NFL game.  Price point as low as $3.55 each.


NFL tote

2.  Hoodies…. You can beat a good hoodie at a football game.  There are so many choice to pick from Full Zip Hoodies, Basic Hoodies, Performance Hoodies, Youth, and Adult.


3.  Can Insulators  keep  your beverages cold and your hands warm.  Can and Bottle Insulators are a must at any football game.  We have you covered from, pocket coolies, bottle coolies, high end copper lined, or even some with magnets that attach to  your car!!

4.  Stadium Cushions – enjoy sitting on the metal bleachers a little more with a stadium cushion.  This is a great product due to its large imprint area.  Get your marketing message out in a big way with this product.  stadium

5.  Schedule Magnets I can’t thing of a better way to promote your brand than with a refrigerator magnet.  The ROI on this product is outstanding.  Your clients will be looking at this magnet weekly to see when their favorite team plays.


Your Davidson Promotional sales rep would be happy to help you with more ideas for your football season promotions.  Please give us a call today 913-851-9100 or visit our website for more ideas

“Word of mouth is a force of nature! ”

Top 3 Branded Pet Products

Ever Since I was a little youngster in Colorado I have had a furry companion. My youth was spent snuggling with cats or playing ball with my golden retriever. Pets have always been a strong presence in my life. Even now with my two Davidson Promotional Products-Michigan mascot cats Diesel and Pippin! I am in the majority, according to the ASPCA 78 Million dogs and 85.8 Million cats are owned in the USA. With that many pet owners in the USA there are bound to be an abundance of potential clients that love their pet and would gladly do business with your company if you loved their pet as well.
These are the top 3 pet products for dogs on the promotional market today.
1. Rope Flying Disk

7” Diameter dog flyer made with a cotton rope and polyester center. This product has a great imprint area size.

2. Pet Flying Disk

9” frisbee made with dog safe plastic. This frisbee has a nice imprint area for a company logo.

3. Dog Tennis Ball

This heavy duty dog ball features non -toxic ink and less felt on the ball for you dogs safety.

These three dog centered branded toys would be great giveaways for companies with pet loving customers. What better way to make an impression with a future customer then bring their dog a toy when you come to bid a construction or landscape project. These would be great for drive through bank giveaways as well. Let your customers and future customers know you love their pet as much as they do.