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Throwback with a modern twist:

As a young child, we were allowed to watch TV for an hour after school before dinner.  This only happened in the fall and winter when the days were cold and blustery.  In early elementary school, I would come home and watch the iconic Mr Rogers. He came in the door put on his sweater and change into his sneakers.  I always thought that the sweater looked warm and inviting.  This fall and winter when the temps drop and you need some warm comfort check out the equinox knit blazer. From day to night this sweater will give you warmth and comfort with no need to change!

Equinox Knit Blazer: This is a fashion forward look that women will love.  It is made with a washable wool that is easy to care for and it features a shawl collar, tapered waist and a drop back hem.  This blazer can go easily from the office, to out for drinks with friends. This blazer has many options for decoration including shoulder, sleeve and left chest imprints.


As I grew older my tastes in TV changed and on Saturday nights we would watch one of the three available channels.  Yes…you read it right three channels, I was a kid in the 80’s! We would watch Happy Days every Saturday night.  All of the kids in Milwaukee would come into Arnold’s to have a milk shake and would be wearing letter jackets and sweaters with a similar color block style.  What a great casual look for a night on the town. Whether at a tailgate or an ice-cream shop for a malt this sweater will make a great impression.

M-Vorlage Half Zip Knit Jacket: This sporty ½ zip jacket is a great fall addition to a corporate collection. With the color blocking and pull over design it has a casual sweater feel that would be great on the golf course or at a tailgate party. Decorating options include the back yolk, sleeves and chest.


In the fall and winter these days I find myself pulling out some of the film noir classics for my after-work entertainment.   This next piece would be what I would wear when I was channeling my love for old school detectives like Sam Spade, Mike Hammer and Phillip Marlowe. These tough as nails detective showed off their skills and style with a great jacket.  With this Manhattan soft shell, you can grab that modern Bogart look! It will add some visual authority to your wardrobe!

The Manhattan soft shell jacket: This jacket gives a great professional style while giving protection from the elements. It is waterproof with a breathable membrane and roll away hoodie.  The decoration options are back yoke, sleeve and chest. Stylish professional jacket will take you from work to play in a fun and useful way!


Enjoy the seasons! Grab a modern twist on the old classic and go out there and make some of your own memories. Corporate apparel is a great way to get your company name out there.  You can find pieces that your employees will love all fall and winter! Invest in a modern style that will be iconic for years to come.


Tradeshow Logic

Looking to boost traffic at your next tradeshow? Some preparation before your show and special attention during show time can have enormous payoffs on foot traffic!

Prior to the show

1.)     Who doesn’t love giveaways at a tradeshow? Use your  promotional giveaways to build up buzz by sending out coupons on a postcard, magnets featuring your “Grand Prize” drawing, and MAKE SURE to have drawing entries on your website (or a mini mobile landing page) and on your Facebook page. If you go with the digital drawing route, though, make sure it’s of the “Must Be Present to Win” variety.

2.)     Include attention grabbing reminder stickers on all company mailings that provide the date and location of the tradeshow, as well as the booth number. Same thing for email signatures!

3.)     Create a tradeshow banner on your website with a link to the tradeshow schedule. If you have a Facebook page, try a countdown 2-3 months before, then weekly, then daily.

Show Time

1.)    Stage a raffle or contest at your booth for a great prize – marquee products like an iPad, large gift cards or even a TV work well. Require that patrons leave their name, email, phone and mailing address so that the winner can be notified. This is a great way to capture contact information for follow up leads.

2.)    Utilize signage that looks fantastic. Table throws, banners and digital displays are all extremely important and should all have consistent branding.

  3.)    Wear your brand. Make sure that everyone staffed at the booth is wearing professional looking apparel imprinted with the company’s logo.

4.)    Bring only the most knowledgeable and friendly staff to work the booths and, more importantly, the show floor and other events taking place within the tradeshow. Engage, Engage, Engage.

5.)      Create buzz. Do you have Twitter followers? Live tweet updates from the show and display your social media feeds (Twitter and Facebook) at the tradeshow booth via monitors. Can you host events within the show to engage with your customers in an informal fashion?

Need help planning your tradeshow marketing?

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Infomation from Promotional Times Newletter